Alexa St George

Baxter’s Track was re-named Fitzroy Street even though the toffs called it the Boulevard…

“Ghost 9”

I kept running to Theo, I could see him running out calling my name, I ran towards him, then right through him, he knelt beside my body, I did look beautiful in my dress which was a good thing as I’m still wearing it to this day. It took a while for me to realize I was in fact toast, dead. I was in a state of shock so I sat and watched the world from the veranda of the Junction. 

I sat there waiting to go to heaven but the angels never came for me, after months of day and night a rain a sunshine a tear from me friends I realised I was never Gunna go to heaven. I started exploring the town watching the happenings. I ended up living at the new Terminus hotel as my memories at the Junction were too raw. I didn’t want to look at the place where I marked it when I woke up every day.

Mick and Sadie fell in love over the death of me, I’d often go a sit with me on the veranda of the pub just listen to them chatting about things.

Terminus Hotal
The George Hotel formally Terminus Hotel
The Crystal Ballroom
St Kilda Sea Baths (click on image)
Cattle Grazing at Elwood near St Kilda Beach (La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria)
Ballarat's Tent City
First locomotive on the Melbourne and Hobson's Bay Railway
“Baxter’s Track 10”

Baxter’s Track was re named Fitzroy Street even though the toffs called it the Boulevard. I spent a lot of time at the station when it opened, watching as the trains came in depositing all kinds of folk coming to catch a bit of sea air, the place was booming, mansions were popping up on St Kilda hill, Theos house was finished I would float up there but someone else lived there, poor Theo, he loved me so. He sold his dream home. But sometimes he would come and I’d see him sitting on the porch of the Junction hotel lost in memories of me.

Down on the bay things were happening so fast, I lose track of time but it was over a year after I carked it, they built them 1858, the first ever actual permanent sea baths on the same site they are today I reckon. No more of the ladies swimming in tents and the Nancy disappeared I love living at the Terminus, now it’s the George so I been living here for 160 odd years, it was opposite the station you see so I could float over and watch see if Jimmy or Theo came, I still do now watch the trams to see if a ghost from my past floats by.

Sitting listening to Sadie a Mick one day Theo turns up, oh my heart did give a flutter seeing my love. I sat on his knee as he told them he was leaving the country the next week on the Royal Charter a ship that was going to carry the rich miners and their gold back to England, he was then going to go onto New York. He had made a fortune but the memories of me he just couldn’t stay here anymore. Oh, if I could I would have cried for my poor darling Theo, who I had loved.

A few months later Mick sold the Junction, he a Sadie was having a baby and they were moving, further down the coast, I went one last time to their party, there was dancing and laughter, but I heard some men talking about how the Royal Charter had sunk just off the coast of England. All that gold was lost along with most of the passengers. Oh, my poor Theo Rollin around at the bottom of the sea.

Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition - Culture Victoria
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